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Jessica Alba eyebrows

Jessica Alba at Rami Kashou’s Fall show, Fashion Week 2004. Though the hair continues to get longer, more layered and lighter, 2004 is when we start to see some …

Jessica Alba’s Changing Looks |

Alba tried out a fun ’20s-inspired look for the premiere of Never Been Kissed. She has joked, "When I first started wearing makeup, I went overboard."

Jessica Alba’s InStyle Cover Looks Like A …

28-1-2013 · Here at HuffPost Style, we never get sick of a good Photoshop fail– hey, if we don’t remind you that these touched-up portrayals are actually impossible …

Jessica Alba’s Lipstick Application Tips | …

Learn how to get perfect red lips with these four lipstick application tips from actress and author Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba Reveals Diet Details in New …

Jessica Alba recently wrote and launched a lifestyle book called The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You, where the star gives tips on healthy living and …


Katy Perry dress

30-4-2015 · A storm of controversy brewed over Katy Perry’s sunflower dress in Taiwan this week. The pop star wore a sparkling green dress adorned with sunflowers

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